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Louise   Foster


Born and raised in the Midwest, Louise didn’t pursue a writing career until well out of college. However, a lifelong love of reading and solving puzzles proved to be good training when the writing bug bit.

While she enjoys reading many different types of books, from thrillers to fantasy to science fiction, mysteries have always intrigued her.

Working on jigsaw puzzles as well as crossword puzzles with her family has also been a constant part of her life. A habit that carries through to today.

In the Crossword Puzzle Mystery Series, her love of writing and solving puzzles have come together. She hopes you love the quirky characters and their high-spirited adventures as much she enjoys writing them.

omaha magazine nov 2022.png

You can learn more about Louise in this issue of Omaha Magazine, and when you finish, be sure to complete the crossword!

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