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Louise   Foster

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The Crossword Puzzle Mystery Series

Death & Exes


A Crossword Puzzle Cozy Mystery

I'm Tracy Belden. Creating crossword puzzles is my passion, but it doesn't pay the rent. Being a part-time PI does.

My current case is about a missing woman. So far, there’s no proof she’s dead. Or that my ex-husband killed her.

To be honest, I’m not particularly interested in clearing his name. What’s important… is solving the puzzle.

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Trouble in Tahoe
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A Crossword Puzzle Cozy Mystery

Come to Tahoe. Help a friend. No problems. No pressure.

How could I refuse to help a buddy?  Twelve hours later, my PI friend is missing. His client is dead. And I’m at the murder scene.

With the police eyeing me as a suspect, what can I do but find the killer?  And, better yet, complete my crossword puzzle.

Adventure in Vegas


A Crossword Puzzle Cozy Mystery

I’m Tracy Belden and I’m getting out of town.

A quick meeting with a client in Las Vegas will pay for a weekend getaway for me and my guy.

It’s a perfect plan.

I didn’t count on my client being killed or having someone shoot at me.  Now I have to do my job. More importantly, I have to finish my crossword puzzle.

A Question of Murder


A Crossword Puzzle Cozy Mystery

I’d rather be creating crossword puzzles.

But when a friend’s mysterious past is connected with a high-profile murder, I can’t stay on the sidelines.

I may know nothing about fine art or million-dollar forgeries.

But I’ve never left a crossword puzzle unfinished.

And I’m not going to start now.

Five Clues to a Killer


A Crossword Puzzle Cozy Mystery

I’m Tracy Belden and I’m marrying my best friend!

The sun is shining. The birds are singing.  
And I have five days off for a honeymoon in Tahoe.  No cases on my plate and not a body in sight.
Life is good - u
ntil my son finds the best man's army buddy floating in a pond.  With our closest friend suspected of murder, the honeymoon is off.  

And the hunt to find the killer and solve the puzzle is on.

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Six Across Is Murder


A Crossword Puzzle Cozy Mystery

Welcome to Langsdale, Nevada where PI Tracy Belden and her circle of family and friends mix puzzle nights and movie nights with a case of murder.

I'm Tracy Belden and my crazy client just killed her husband.

She told me so when she called me at oh-dark-thirty.

Now his body is in the morgue, my client is the number one suspect, and I’m the main witness.


With every piece of evidence incriminating her and the police ready to make an arrest, she hires me to find the real killer.

How can I prove someone else is guilty when every other suspect has an alibi?

I need to solve the puzzle before my client is arrested for murder.

But what if she’s the killer?

book 6 paperback web.png


A Crossword Puzzle Cozy Mystery Novella

I'm Tracy Belden, and teaching middle school has ceased to be fun. I should get extra credit. I lasted almost an hour. Unlike when I attended middle school as a student, this time, I welcomed being called into the principal's office.

I assumed the principal wanted to ask about my threat to glue gun the tweens to their chairs. What awaited was a case of theft, blackmail, and murder. With the fate of eight teachers hanging on my sleuthing skills, I didn't have a choice.


Now, I have three days to save the careers of eight teachers. Unlike the crosswords I create for my side hustle, the clues to the puzzle don't fit together.


But I'm not worried. I'm sure I can solve this puzzle in time for everyone to have a Merry Christmas.

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